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Akt / RE-ART ("Act / RE-ART") - Akt  Re-ART

Akt / RE-ART ("Act / RE-ART")

The representative pictorial monograph contains two positions of the author's photographic work presented as facsimiles of originals, unified in the style of execution into large-format photographic contacts. They are made on the author's hand-made silver gelatin emulsion. The nudes balance Polášek's figurative work from a period of forty years. The set of RE-ART 49 originals then comes with a reflection and reflection of the work of world-famous authors of acts of "modern classics" of the early XX. century ("from Modigliani and Picasso to Dali"), composed by the author into a new photographic reality.

Czech, English

Texts: Miloš Polášek
Published by En face in 2012.
112 pp., Sewn binding

ISBN 978-80-87264-11-9

Product code: KP 1054
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