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TUES–SUN 10:00–18:00

Brussels style in the Ostrava region

26. 6. – 30. 8. 2015
The exhibition is organized by the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava and the Cabinet of Architecture.
Brussels style is the common name for the art style, applied in architecture and applied art in Czechoslovakia in the late 50's, 60's and 70's of the 20th century. The name is derived from the unmissable success of the Czechoslovak participation in the EXPO 58 world exhibition in Brussels, which inspired the creators of the time to discover a new aesthetic. As a result of these circumstances, a number of high-quality objects and works of art were created in the Ostrava region, which are now changing their expression for various reasons, or even disappearing forever. This exhibition prepared by the Cabinet of Architecture in cooperation with the National Monuments Institute wants to draw attention to this "dying beauty" of Brussels-style architecture.

Martin Strakoš
Curators: Martin Strakoš, Jaroslav Němec, Tadeáš Goryczka
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