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Picture from the Kitchen


fragments of a cup, wooden sticks; height 90 cm

purchased 2018 with the support of the Czech Ministry of Culture

This subtle spatial sculpture encodes the origins of a theme which Sceranková later developed further. It contains all the characteristic elements of her work – motion, the motif of destruction, sculptural spatial compositionality, and the use of items from everyday reality. The form of the sculpture also evokes molecular models; this is closely linked to Sceranková’s fascination with material, light, photons, and the phenomena of the universe as a whole. The tea-cup is fragmented into small pieces separated from their original whole shape, yet at the same time still held together by solid bonds – represented in this case by slim wooden sticks. The sculpture evokes the principle by which the entire universe functions; though it ostensibly shattered into fragments following the Big Bang, all its parts are nevertheless inextricably connected with each other. It is also possible to read the work as a comment on causality or the connection between individual parts and the entire whole – for example between a human being and the universe, or God…


(*1980, Košice, Slovakia) Multi-genre artist. From 2000 to 2006 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Miloš Šejn, Milan Knížák), completing her studies with her dissertation in 2011. Between 2002 and 2010 she travelled abroad for study stays in Stuttgart, Berlin, Aberdeen, Quebec and Budapest. She has won a range of prizes, including the Josef Hlávka Prize (2002), the Rector’s Prize from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts (2006) and the Václav Chad Prize (2009). She has exhibited individually since 2006 and as part of group exhibitions since 2004. Sceranková’s works incorporate both traditional sculptural techniques and novel ready-made approaches as well as elements of performance art. She re-contextualizes everyday objects, altering them by changing their materials, dimensions and shapes – which in turn creates altered effects. She often explores the possibilities of kinetic movement and the principles of levitation, as well as destruction and destabilization. Her work also includes interventions into architecture, e.g. Umzug (2007) and Go Away – Come Back (2009) – a unique set of monumentalized mechanical objects functioning as a kind of puzzle.
Thonet wooden chair, 80 × 63 × 55 cm, four preserve jars with bamboo stoppers; purchased 2018 with the support of the Czech Ministry of Culture


video sculpture, 8-second loop, OSB boards, elastic cord with hooks; purchased 2018 with the support of the Czech Ministry of Culture


Girl in a fur

Girl in a fur

Old Eroticism

Old Eroticism

Concrete (Below a Slag-Heap)

Concrete (Below a Slag-Heap)

Wallachian Madonna

Wallachian Madonna

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