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the cycle Three Pantaloons


The captain or the lovestruck man, etching, copper plate engraving, paper, 216 × 147 mm
The Pantaloon or Cassandra,  etching, copper plate engraving, paper, 218 × 148 mm
The Zani or Scapin, etching, copper plate engraving, paper, 216 × 146 mm

acquired 2020


(1592–1635) A renowned artist from the high Baroque period known for his engravings and drawings. He was born and died in the French city of Nancy, in the province of Lorraine. However, he lived for many years in Paris and in Flanders, where he drew inspiration for his works depicting simple scenes from human life as well as exploring how people respond to politically determined events – particularly the events of war. His works include simple genre scenes, scenes with multiple figures depicting life in cities and rural communities, scenes from wartime, and passionate expressions of opposition to war. Although Callot’s figures are very small (he used magnifying glasses and microscopes when working), he managed to imbue them with convincing definition and life. With just a few strokes, he was able to precisely capture and comment on narrative scenes. If we slow down and examine his works in detail (preferably with the aid of a magnifying glass), we can discern countless different narratives, situations, relationships and activities in his multi-figural scenes. However, Callot was also skilled at capturing individual figures with great empathy and convincing authenticity. Here too his work encompasses a wide range of figures, from aristocrats to soldiers and beggars. The quality of his art is not restricted to his depictions of figures; he was also skilled at capturing landscapes, flora and fauna. It is no wonder that his graphic prints were much admired by Rembrandt or the Czech artist Václav Hollar.

the cycle Caprici di varie figure

etching, paper, 81 × 208 mm, acquired 2020

Garden – from the cycle Four landscapes

etching, copper plate engraving, paper, 107 × 212 mm, acquired 2020

the cycle The Great Passion

etching, paper, 137 × 84 mm, acquired 2020

the cycle Beggars

etching, paper, 135 × 89 mm, acquired 2020

Nobleman greeting with a hat in his hand – from the cycle School of Lorraine

etching, paper, 181 × 328 mm, acquired 2020

Pilgrimage to Gondreville

etching, paper, 1135 × 1310 mm, acquired 2020

Capture of the fortress at La Rochelle

etching, paper, 56 × 112 mm, acquired 2020

the cycle The miseries of war

etching, paper, 81 × 185 mm, acquired 2020

the cycle The miseries and misfortunes of war

etching, paper, 60 × 81 mm, acquired 2020

the cycle Military exercises

Girl in a fur

Girl in a fur

Old Eroticism

Old Eroticism

Concrete (Below a Slag-Heap)

Concrete (Below a Slag-Heap)

Wallachian Madonna

Wallachian Madonna

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