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House of Art
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VIKTOR FREŠO / Future Memories

18. 6. 2024

5 p.m.

The Guided Tour with curator will take place on Tuesday 18 June at 5 p.m. Booking advance HERE.

Viktor Frešo studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, graduating in 2003. He has been one of the most remarkable figures on the art scene in the former Czechoslovakia since 2000. His works – and indeed his entire approach to art – are quite novel, reflecting the contemporary situation in society and culture. Frešo creates sophisticated concepts and projects, which he presents as seemingly simple, self-contained “Art Pieces”. He often takes a critical approach, expressing his dissatisfaction with the art scene and the processes within it, yet there is always lightness, humour, and a playful undercurrent.

One of the most interesting aspects of Frešo’s work is the apparent counterpoint between his emphasis on a huge, grandiose EGO combined with GESTURE, and his disarmingly self-ironizing humility. His ability to reveal the dark sides of his soul and his personal flaws, which are unleashed into the world regardless of the consequences, pushes his concepts towards broader possibilities of perceiving his work.

Viktor Frešo explores direct, effective visual tools. He prefers short intervals between action and reaction, and he seeks a rapid recognition of the connections between the expression of “I” and the designation of “he”. His approach is well suited to the form of brief slogans. Whether he is staging interventions in public spaces or exhibiting in galleries, he always ensures that there is an immediate creative act – a GESTURE. His current work also explores the possibilities of sculpture and painting.

Vladimír Beskid

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