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House of Art
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17. 1. 2023

The opening of 2 exhibitions will take place on Tuesday 17 January at 5 p.m. 

free entrance

URSZULA BROLL / Atman means Breath
Urszula Broll (1930–2020) graduated from the Katowice branch of the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts. Her work made a major impact on post-war Polish art. She sought her own creative path as a member of two Silesian artists’ groups – St-53 and Oneiron. She explored the physical materials used in painting, worked with random effects, and engaged in a dialogue with abstraction. Her openness to experiencing the world and her quest for self-discovery enabled her to follow her own creative path. She found inspiration within her own inner self. She developed a distinctively personal artistic language using mandalas and watercolour techniques. Her most important works are records of her own internal world, and they have made a unique and original contribution to Polish art. This is the first major retrospective of Broll’s remarkable oeuvre in the Czech Republic.

Jaroslav Koléšek / TECHNOINTIM
The exhibition Jaroslav Koléšek / TECHNOINTIM presents a selection of mainly recent works by the sculptor Jaroslav Koléšek (*1974). Koléšek was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the sculpture department at Ostrava University’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music. He began working at the faculty in 2008, and from 2011 to the present day he has been the head of the department he helped to create. In 2003 Koléšek received the Václav Chad Award. He is known for several works installed in public spaces – including Heart of an Aviator, above the village of Šanov near Slavičín. His work is characterized by a strong focus on craftsmanship, though it also incorporates a powerfully expressive message spanning the boundary between technology and human intimacy. At first view, Koléšek’s sculptures resemble machines, technical assemblies or military equipment, but on closer inspection they become softer and more intimate, a shift accomplished via changing materials or colours and formal metamorphoses.

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