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The world of Gothic gargoyles

8. 6. 2021

Sculptural ornamentations were an important and integral part of sacred buildings during the Gothic era, and they can be found both outside and inside churches. The exterior of a Gothic church is a richly varied organism, and only some parts of the ornamentation can be seen from a distance with the naked eye; some features are not immediately visible when viewing a church. However, it is not important for all features to be visible; the main thing is that they form part of the building as a complete whole. A very interesting type of sculpture found on medieval churches is the gargoyle. Gargoyles had an important practical function – to drain water from roofs, gutters and other exterior surfaces. Cathedral gargoyles were mainly figural sculptures; they were large-scale works which gave talented stonemasons an opportunity to display their skill and imagination. They were often sculpted in the form of ugly, frightening figures – dangerous monsters, birds of prey and other predators. In the Middle Ages they also performed a protective function, as they were believed to help repel evil forces.

The lecture will be streamed live on Facebook and the gallery’s YouTube channel.

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