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The Natural Ones (1989–1992)

15. 11. 2022

The guided tour with curator Renata Skřebská will take place on Tuesday 15 November 2022 v 17 h, booking advance is necessary HERE. Entrance with valid ticket. Only in Czech.

This exhibition project presents the history and artistic development of the group “the Natural Ones”, which was active from 1989 to 1992. From the mid-1980s its members played an important role on the Czech art scene, demanding freedom of artistic expression and working outside the official structures. The public activities of the Natural Ones were a courageous endeavour in the context of the time. They manifested a search for artistic identity, drew attention to the dire state of the art scene, demanded freedom of expression for artists working in a region that was under strict ideological control, and also represented the first self-confident steps on the individual artists’ personal creative paths. The young generation emerging into the vacuum that was Ostrava’s art scene became active on platforms provided by the local underground community, which offered them the creative freedom they needed: most frequently they displayed their works in private homes and studios, as well as at the Ema slag-heap.

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