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House of Art
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The colourful world of medieval windows

13. 10. 2020

Some people admire the architecture of medieval cathedrals, while others are enchanted by their ornamental masonry and sculptural décor. But stained-glass windows also deserve our attention. These windows are mosaics composed from pieces of coloured glass of various sizes, held together with flexible strips of lead. A work of art in stained glass is not damaged by sunlight, rain or wind. It is a genuine artistic work which creates a powerful effect thanks not only to its colours, but also to the light that passes through it during the day. In medieval times, people viewed these windows in a different light than we do today. Many people were illiterate, so the windows’ depictions of stories and events (either from religious texts or everyday life) represented an important means of communication. This lecture explores the techniques by which stained-glass windows were created and explains their importance for our understanding of medieval life and thought.

Only in Czech

The Lecture is on YouTube channel GVUO

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