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House of Art
TUES–SUN 10:00–18:00

Minimarathon of Electronic Music

24. 8. 2019

1st space
Agnes Hvizdalek (AT/NO)
Jonáš Gruska (SK)

2nd space
Kurt Liedwart (RU)
Angélica Castelló (MEX/AT)

The dramaturgy of this year's Minimarathon of Electronic Music offers within its modest spatial limits quite an ambitious program which will present in the course of seven concerts a varied range of creative approaches utilizing (to a higher or lesser extent) electronics. The performers who will make an appearance at thisevent include abstract vocalist Agnes Hvizdalek, composer and manipulator of casette tapes Angélica Castelló, incredibly inventive sound artist Jonáš Gruska or one of the most prolific musicians working on the boundaries between performance and body art and improvisation and noise, Joke Lanz, among other. What all of them have in common, apart from their unique technical skills and precision, is mainly the will to search for new and hitherto unexplored paths, using independent creative techniques, inventing new sound structures, exploring the limits of intention and unrestrained development and fulfilling their original concepts of adventurous sound architecture.

Curator of the festival: Petr Vrba

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