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House of Art
TUES–SUN 10:00–18:00

IVO SUMEC / People´s things

16. 1. 2024

5 p.m.

The patron of the exhibition is Lukáš Curylo, Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region.

The name of the exhibition is inspired by Daniel Balabán’s insightful observation when he characterized Ivo Sumec’s work as follows: even though people are absent from the paintings, they are still present in the form of “people’s things”. If we consider Sumec’s oeuvre from a long-term perspective, we see a noticeable absence of figural work. On the other hand, there is an almost constant presence of the everyday. Sumec depicts commonplace, utilitarian objects, detached from their context yet at the same time strangely communicative in their intimately familiar ordinariness, which is part of human life. The artist’s paintings capture his ability to respond to everyday life in its combination of banality and uniqueness. We can read his oeuvre as a story, with a riddle hidden below its surface. These are people’s things, with all the positives and negatives that are involved.

Renata Skřebská

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