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22. 6. 2021

The opening will be held on 22 June 2021 at 5 p.m. The record is on Facebook and YouTube GVUO

This international exhibition project is con¬ceived as an encounter of contemporary Czech, Polish and Slovak art. It aims to pre¬sent today’s visual language in the Central European context, with an accent on 3D pieces (objects, installations, ready-make, object-images, de-installations and simi¬lar). The exhibition focuses on the contem¬porary transformation of society and the economy in former industrial and post-in¬dustrial environments. Besides its political and social aspects, it also presents works created using hybrid, atypical and non-lux¬ury materials – rusting sheet metal, scaf¬folding, plaster, spray foam, polyurethane, particleboard, polystyrene, waste materi¬als, etc. It represents an intersection be¬tween low and high culture along with hybrid sculptural techniques, an absurd meeting of items and materials in a complete en¬tity that offers diverse cultural contexts and diverse possibilities for reading – and perceiving – our contemporary world.

Vladimír Beskid

More information about exhibition HERE

The patrons of the exhibition is Lukáš Curylo, Deputy Governon of the Moravian-Silesian Region. 

Funded by the Czech Ministry of Culture.

free of entrance

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