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Household pets in the Middle Ages

11. 6. 2024

4:30 p.m.– 6 p.m.

Lecture by Marek Zágora. Only in Czech.

In recent decades, historians have begun exploring the historical role played by animals, particularly in relation to humans. The Middle Ages left a diverse range of various types of sources that offer insights into this relationship. Medieval people thought about animals a lot, and medieval art is a treasure trove of “depictions” of the animal world. Animals were present in all aspects of medieval life. People hunted them, ate them, milked them, sheared them, skinned them, rode on them, ploughed with them, and used them to pull carts. An interesting area of study is household pets – animals that people chose “merely” to keep them company. Pets lived in close physical proximity to their owners, they were given high-quality food, and they enjoyed special care; in some cases, people actually treated them better than they treated most other people. This lecture presents the most popular household pets in the Middle Ages.

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The lecture will be streamed live on Facebooku and the gallery’s YouTube channel.

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