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House of Art
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21. 6. 2022

The opening of 3 exhibitions will take place on Tuesday 21 June at 5 p.m. 

22. 6. – 4. 9. 2022
This exhibition of works by the sculptor and multimedia artist Adéla Matasová demonstrates her interest in the phenomenon of naturally, mathematically or socially conditioned processes, which are a fundamental source of inspiration for her art. Spanning a wide range of Matasová’s work from the early 1970s up to the present day, the exhibition presents pieces accentuating the energy of the artist’s own body or the materials she uses, process installations responding to the specific qualities of the exhibition space, kinetic projects co-determined by the order of mechanical or digital systems, and videos revealing Matasová’s fascination with the momentum of systems in the form of captivating dynamic technical images.

Čarodějná laboratoř Antonína Procházky 
22. 6. – 4. 9. 2022
This exhibition presents Procházka’s works from the collection of the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava. The value of these works lies mainly in their comprehensive representation of Procházka’s artistic career, allowing for a high-quality retrospective of his entire oeuvre. One example from the collection is the painting Fruit and a jug (1907), which is considered one of the first Czech works to explore the language of Cubism. Between 1905 and 1909, Antonín Procházka also painted a number of self-portraits. The gallery’s collection includes his Self-portrait dating from 1908, showing the face of a young man with a hint of a smile – a feature that appears in numerous other works by Procházka. His Cubist period – characterized by his highly distinctive approach to shape and colour – is represented by the painting Concert (1912), which he painted during his time living in Ostrava. In the 1920s Procházka returned to the Classicist tendencies of contemporary Civilism. His painting Beyond the city (1926) presents a lyrical vision with a naïve diction in its monumentally composed combination of figural and natural motifs.

Bylo, nebylo...
22. 6. – 4. 9. 2022
This exhibition is aimed at children and accompanying adults. It presents a selection of 11 artworks from the gallery’s collections (drawings, paintings, graphic pieces, photographs and spatial works) which inspired Sealion Serafin’s creative tips. The exhibition includes interactive zones where you can play with seeds, draw with pastels, crumple paper, make compositions out of sugar cubes, draw outlines of shadows, listen to music, create objects from toilet roll tubes, and let your imagination run wild. You can find all the creative tips on the gallery’s website, and printed versions are also available at the exhibition for you to take home.

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