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House of Art

Honza, Petra / Exhibition of a single work GVUO / HANA PUCHOVÁ

3. 3. – 30. 10. 2021
Before the gallery’s new extension is completed, you will be able to enjoy regular exhibitions of single works selected by a wide range of notable figures from various fields – writers, artists, theatrical actors and directors, architects, scholars and scientists, musicians, restoration experts, and representatives of other professions. Their creativity and love of art make them the ideal curators of single-work exhibitions.

The fifteenth work was selected by artist and rector Academy of Fine Arts Tomáš Vaněk.

"For me, Hana Puchová’s painting is attractive due to its view from the ceiling – as if I was a fly, or another lightbulb looking downwards into the room at the situation in a relationship. For a long time I have followed Hana Puchová’s work with interest and curiosity." (Tomáš Vaněk)

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