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Zpřístupněná místa / Making Places -
Zpřístupněná místa / Making Places -
Zpřístupněná místa / Making Places -
Zpřístupněná místa / Making Places -

Zpřístupněná místa / Making Places

This exhibition, held at Ostrava’s House of Art (Dům umění) in 2017, was co-organized by the Taiwan Alliance for Architectural Modernity, Ostrava’s Cabinet of Architecture and the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava. The catalogue presents the fresh, innovative approaches taken by the Taiwanese architect Huang Sheng-Yuan and his Fieldoffice Architects (FA) studio. FA is not based in Taiwan’s capital Taipei – the hub of the country’s architectural scene – but at a peripheral location, in Yilan – a city of 100,000 people which since the 1990s has been seeking a new architectural identity for itself. The name of the exhibition and the catalogue is entirely apt: architects from FA do not only set out to influence professional target groups (architects and urban planners); they also involve people from all strata of society in their work – primarily thanks to their determination to seek “true life” and their commitment to design “at the scene” rather than at a studio desk.

Publication in Czech and English.
The catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition Zpřístupněná místa (Making Places), House of Art (Dům umění), Ostrava, 12. 4. - 4. 6. 2017, organized by the Cabinet of Architecture, the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava and the Alliance for Architectural Modernity
Catalogue concept and editing: Tadeáš Goryczka and Jaroslav Němec
Texts: Wang Chun-Hsiung, Chiu Chen-Yu and Juhani Pallasmaa
Poem: Álex Susanna i Nadal
Translations: Radovan Charvát
Czech transcriptions from Chinese: Kristýna Han
Photographs: Min-Jia Chen, Fieldoffice Architects, Wen-Jui Chang, Vladimír Šulc and Jiří Žižka
Graphic design and typesetting: Jaroslav Němec
Print: MORAVAPRESS s.r.o.
Published by the Cabinet of Architecture (Kabinet architektury) and the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava
First edition, Ostrava, 2017
177 pp., 161 reproductions, paperback

ISBN 978-80-905953-7-8

ISBN 978-80-87405-40-6

Product code: K0261
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