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The Natural Ones (1989–1992) - The Natural Ones (1989–1992)
The Natural Ones (1989–1992) - The Natural Ones (1989–1992)
The Natural Ones (1989–1992) - The Natural Ones (1989–1992)
The Natural Ones (1989–1992) - The Natural Ones (1989–1992)
The Natural Ones (1989–1992) - The Natural Ones (1989–1992)

The Natural Ones (1989–1992)

The publication presents the evolution and development of the opinions that led to the formation of the artistic group known as The Natural Ones (“Přirození”). The activities of the group’s members are documented and presented in the form of historical news reports, photographs, documents, authentic art works, interviews with the artists and other key figures, and texts by the author Jan Balabán. Biographical texts present the artists who founded the group (Daniel Balabán, Petr Pastrňák, Jiří Surůvka, Zdeněk Janošec Benda, Hana Puchová, Pavel Šmíd, Helena Šmídová), the group’s theoretician Jan Balabán and its curator Vladislav Holec. The publication also gives information about a wider group of artists and writers (Martin Cach, Martin Fryč, Milan Krupa, Zdeněk Kus, Elli Tiliu Motýlová, Rostislav Němčík, Radim Šupčík) who were in contact with the group, many of whom participated in some of its events – such as Jiří Surůvka’s cabaret “Return of the Master Entertainers”.

Publication and exhibition concept: Renata Skřebská
Texts: Renata Skřebská
Reviewer: Lenka Lindaurová
Editors: Jana Malášek Šrubařová, Magdaléna Staňková
Photographs: scanner GVUO, private archives, Oto Palán, Ladislav Schäfer, Edmund Kijonka, Václav Šípoš, Hana Číhalová, Martin Popelář
English translation: Christopher Hopkinson
Graphic design: Katarína Jamrišková
Print: Tiskárna Helbich, Brno
Print run: 400 copies

Published by the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava, 2022

ISBN 978-80-87405-72-7

This publication was produced to accompany the retrospective exhibition The Natural Ones 1989–1992 Ostrava's wild bunch, held at the House of Arts, Ostrava (Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava) from 21 September to 31 December 2022.

 The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture.

in Czech and English

283 pages, 178 reproductions

Product code: K 0281
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