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Stanislav Kolíbal / Ostrava -
Stanislav Kolíbal / Ostrava -
Stanislav Kolíbal / Ostrava -
Stanislav Kolíbal / Ostrava -

Stanislav Kolíbal / Ostrava

Stanislav Kolíbal was born in Ostrava, a city which exercised a strong influence over him from his childhood onwards, becoming a powerful source of inspiration for his first drawings and studies and remaining a constant presence in his consciousness for his entire life. This publication offers an exclusive opportunity to explore Kolíbal’s deeply personal relationship with his native city – and the way in which Ostrava features in his oeuvre. Kolíbal frequently depicted scenes from his immediate surroundings, as shown in one of the book’s chapters. These drawings have never before been exhibited or reproduced. Other chapters also depict Ostrava, enabling us to understand Kolíbal’s drawings, gouaches, watercolours and tempera works as deeply personal representations of a specific place – a place in which industrial vitality was combined with a complex and multi-layered social landscape, and in which the physical landscape was violated to satiate the appetite for industrial development.

Text in Czech only.
Published by Arbor vitae in collaboration with the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava to accompany an exhibition held from 6 October to 22 November 2009.
Concept and text: Stanislav Kolíbal
Text editing: Lev Pavluch
Graphic design: Stanislav Kolíbal and Marek Jodas
Reproductions: Studio Altaje
Print: T. A. Print
First edition
Prague 2009
Published to mark Ostrava’s bid to become European Capital of Culture 2015
79 pp., 76 reproductions, paperback

ISBN 978-80-87164-21-1 (Arbor vitae)
ISBN 978-80-85091-93-9 (Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě)

Product code: K0207
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