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This publication accompanied an exhibition held at Ostrava’s House of Art (Dům umění) in 2013. Besides including numerous colour reproductions of Eduard Ovčáček’s works, it also presents theoretical texts, historical photographs and a complete biography of the artist. Ovčáček has close links with Ostrava, and he is currently the head of the graphic art and drawing studio at the University of Ostrava. His artistic personality has always been (and continues to be) driven by his tireless search for overlaps, possibilities and experiments. In many ways Ovčáček has brought innovative new approaches to graphic and general artistic approaches – one example being his use of burnt collage. His work is typified by its use of lettering in a wide variety of different contexts and functions. He also employs various graphs, graphemes, plastic structures, burnt reliefs and other symbolic elements – including sculpture.

Publication in Czech and English.
Published by the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava to accompany the exhibition of Eduard Ovčáček’s works held at the House of Art (Dům umění) from 22. 5. 2013 to 30. 6. 2013.
Text: Ludvík Ševeček, Ivan Kubíček, Jiří Jůza, Zbyněk Janáček
Photographs: author’s archive
Layout: Johanka Ovčáčková
Print: Printo
Publication collaboration: Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Ostrava
Gallery of the Slovácko Museum, Uherské Hradiště:
Eduard Ovčáček – Media archive 1960–2012, from 10 October to 24 November 2013
116 pp., 157 reproductions, paperback

ISBN 978-80-87405-20-8 (GVUO)

Product code: K0237
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