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Jan Wojnar

The catalogue maps the complete work of Jan Wojnar, a self-taught artist who lives and works in the Silesian town of Třinec. Alongside Karel Adamus, Dagmar Lasotová, Jiří Šigut, Martin Klimeš and Milan Lasota, Wojnar belongs to an important community of Silesian conceptual artists. This retrospective of Wojnar’s work at the Kampa Museum in Prague was conceived by the curator Helena Musilová. The retrospective took the form of an exhibition entitled “The Whole of Existence, Existing as a Whole”, held at the Kampa Museum (in conjunction with the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava) from March to August 2020.

The extensive catalogue includes a full pictorial database of Wojnar’s works (covering 252 pages) and texts contributed by the editor Helena Musilová as well as by Jiří Valoch, Dagmar Lasotová, Jiří Pospíšil and Jiří Jůza. Besides these reflections and interpretations of Wojnar’s art, the book also reprints extracts from his correspondence with other artists, such as J. H. Kocman, Igor Zhoř and Dalibor Chatrný. One chapter is devoted to memoirs by Dagmar Lasotová. There is also biographical information and a collection of photographs from the artist’s personal archive. A focal point of the catalogue is the chapter entitled “Analyzing reality through photographs”, consisting of brief texts describing Wojnar’s diagrams, studies and series of photographs. The descriptions are interspersed with an explanatory commentary which provides an insight into Wojnar’s creative processes and enables us to penetrate to the roots of his conceptual approach.

Published by Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava and Museum Kampa — The Jan and Meda Mladek Foundation in 2020
Editor and Author of the publication concept: Helena Musilová
Texts: Dalibor Chatrný, Jiří Jůza, J. H. Kocman, Dáša Lasotová, Helena Musilová, Jiří Pospíšil, Jan Wojnar, Igor Zhoř
Cooperation: Jaroslav Bárta, Jiří Jůza, J. H. Kocman, Dáša Lasotová, Adéla Petříčková, Milan Kovalčík, Jaroslav Michna, Jiří Pospíšil, Jiří Šigut
Czech copyediting: Jana Křížová, Helena Musilová
English translation: Eufrat Group, s. r. o.
Graphic design: Jiří Šigut — Concept
Printed by: Printo, Ostrava

PHOTOGRAPHS: Matěj Bárta — J. H. Kocman Archive and Collection; Tomáš Dittrich — Museum Kampa; Dáša Lasotová; Katarína Klusová; Moravian Gallery in Brno; Miloš Strnad — Brno City Museum;   Olomouc Museum of Art; National Gallery Prague; Oto Palán — J. H. Kocman Archive and Collection; Museum Kampa; Roman Polášek — Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava; private collections; František Řezníček; GVUO — large format scanner Cruse; Jan Wojnar Archive

The publication is published with the support by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.
Special thanks: Marie Wojnarová, Walery Wojnar, Kosma Wojnar
Acknowledgments goes to institutions and private collectors for their kind help with the preparation of the publication.

The publication accompanies exhibitions at the Kampa Museum in Prague (2020) and at the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava (2022).

ISBN 978-80-87405-61-1 (GVUO)
ISBN 978-80-87344-59-0 (Museum Kampa)
Product code: K0274
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