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Boris Podrecca / Architekt -
Boris Podrecca / Architekt -
Boris Podrecca / Architekt -
Boris Podrecca / Architekt -
Boris Podrecca / Architekt -

Boris Podrecca / Architekt

Boris Podrecca is one of Austria’s leading architects, and one of the foremost figures in contemporary European architecture. His work has been shaped by numerous influences and tendencies which have come together in Central Europe – primarily in the former territory of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – including inspiration from figures such as Plečnik, Loos and Fuchs. Influenced by these architects, Podrecca has gradually developed his own distinctive way of continuing in the tradition of classic European modernism. He has not taken the post-modern route of combining historical forms. The loose, unbound nature of his work – an essential feature of the creative Viennese scene – has its origins in Podrecca’s own personality, his freedom and ability to adopt and adapt stimuli from the European cultural environment.

Czech-Polish-English publication.
The catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition Boris Podrecca: Architekt, held at the House of Art (Dům umění) in Ostrava from 4. 4. 2011 to 3. 6. 2011 and organized by the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava (GVUO) in collaboration with the Association for Ostrava Culture (SPOK – Spolek pro ostravskou kulturu) and the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław.
Exhibition author: Boris Podrecca
Selection of works: Michael Grossmann
Conservation, restoration and preparation of documents: Tina Buh
Exhibition curator in Ljubljana: Marja Lorenčak Kiker
Exhibition curators in Ostrava: Tadeáš Goryczka and Jaroslav Němec
Collaborator: Damjan Prelovšek
Photographs: Bin Bin Visual Studio, Mischa Erben, Gisela Erlachová, Damir Fabijanič, Pez Hejduková, Robert Herbst, Jaka Jeraša, Miran Kambič, Bruno Klomfar, Gabriela Kochová, Alberto Lagomaggiore, Frank Lynen, Monika Nikoličová, Paola De Pietriová, Boris Podrecca, Damjan Prelovšek, Janez Pukšič, Ludwig Thalmeimer, Marco Zanta, Gerald Zugmann
Catalogue concept and editing: Tadeáš Goryczka and Jaroslav Němec
Texts: Damjan Prelovšek, Walter Zschokke
Czech translation: Pavel Dominik (from English), Radovan Charvát (from German), Martyna Radłowska-Obrusník (from Polish)
Polish translation: Jolana Gromadzka (from English), Wiesława Moniak (from German)
Proofreading: Martina Dragonová (Czech), Martyna Radłowska-Obrusník (Polish)
Graphic design and typesetting: Jaroslav Němec.
Print: Printo, s. r. o., Ostrava-Poruba
First edition, Ostrava 2011
Published by SPOK – Spolek pro ostravskou kulturu and the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava
177 pp., 152 photographs and sketches, paperback

ISBN 978-80-87508-00-8 (SPOK, Ostrava)
ISBN 978-80-87405-07-9 (GVUO, Ostrava) 

Product code: K0224
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