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Postcard GVUO - Josef Čapek
Postcard GVUO - Valentin Držkovic
Postcard GVUO - Domenico Fetti
Postcard GVUO - Emil Filla
Postcard GVUO - Krištof Kintera
Postcard GVUO - Otakar Kubín
Postcard GVUO - Mistr Královéhradeckého oltáře
Postcard GVUO - Otakar Nejedlý
Postcard GVUO - Josef Šíma
Postcard GVUO - backside

Postcard GVUO

Do you think postcards are out of fashion for a long time? Error! Postcards now no longer have to be just a holiday souvenir or a greeting sent by post. Postcards are a collector's item, but also a kind of business card. Why not leave a message on a nice postcard at home, at work, or at a gift?

Make yourself and others happy while choosing from 9 motifs of the rarest works of art from the GVUO collection.
Please your choice write in the note in the order.
Sizes: 150 × 100 mm
On the back is the title of the work, its author and the GVUO logo.

We have this motifs:

  • Josef Čapek, Cloud, 1933, oil, canvas, 56×50 cm
  • Valentin Držkovic, Vítkovice, 1929, oil, canvas, 117 ×100 cm
  • Domenico Fetti, Adonis, after 1613, oil, canvas, 105,5×85 cm
  • Emil Filla, Woman with a dog, 1934, oil, canvas, 130×100 cm
  • Krištof Kintera, My Light is Your life (Shiva Samurai), 2009, mixed media, 320×250×220 cm
  • Otakar Kubín, Building (Chapel in Simiane), 1935, oil, canvas, 50×60,5 cm
  • The Hradec Králové Master, The Virgin Mary with SS Barbara a Catherine, late 15. / early 16. century, tempera, gold, wood, 154×125,5 cm
  •  Otakar Nejedlý, Mased ball, 1919, tempera, canvas, 120×131 cm
  • Josef Šíma, Pool, 1935, oil, canvas, 114×76 cm

From the Gallery’s design collection – by Robert V. Novák and Zuzana Burgrová

Product code: O 62
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