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Wölfli. Stvořitel univerza ("The Creator of the Universe")

Swiss artist Adolf Wölfli (1864–1930) was a lifelong outsider, orphan, day laborer and auxiliary worker who, during his 30-year internment at the Institute for the Mentally Ill, transformed his misery into a gigantic synthetic work of 25,000 pages of texts, drawings, collages and music and numbers. records. The first Czech monograph of the author, who is today considered the most important creator of art brut and the creator of one of the most remarkable works of the 20th century in general, covers all periods of his artistic and literary expression. The pictorial part of the book emphasizes the details of the drawings and collages, which allow a better penetration into the labyrinth of Wölfli's universe built on his personal mythology.


Texts: Adolf Wölfli
Published by Arbor vitae in 2012.
372 pp., Hardcover

ISBN 978-80-87164-94-5

Product code: KP 1403
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