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Tak pravil LaChapelle ("Thus Spoke LaChapelle") - La Chapelle

Tak pravil LaChapelle ("Thus Spoke LaChapelle")

The monograph Thus Spoke LaChapelle has an exceptional position in the context of LaChapell's previous publications. This is the first retrospective of this artist's work, which includes photographs from the mid-1980s to the present. It is the early photographs that are presented in the book for the first time. This is a publication that goes far beyond regional borders and, with its significance and reach, marks the culmination of LaChapell's artistic activities to date. This is how the book is also understood by the artist himself and his collaborators. The monograph Thus Spoke / Tak said LaChapelle therefore has the potential to become an event that will attract international attention and for the following years will become a certain measure of his subsequent books.


Texts: Norbert Kiesling
Published by Arbor Vitae in 2011.
284 pp., Hardcover

ISBN 978-80-87164-86-0

Product code: KP 1446
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