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Jiří Balcar -

Jiří Balcar

Jiří Balcar (1929-1968) belonged to the circle of theorist Jindřich Chalupecký, at the end of the fifties he was one of the pioneers of Czech post-war abstraction and calligraphy, after returning from a several-month creative stay in the USA (1964) he turned to pop art . The monograph re-evaluates Balcar's work and shows it in its entirety for the first time; it includes both free and applied work, as its contribution to book editing, illustration and poster design is crucial. In addition to well-known works, the publication also presents many never-reproduced works that contribute to a deeper understanding of the author. The book includes selected period texts and complete bibliographies.


Texts: Marie Klimešová, Jan Rous
Published by Arbor vitae in 2013.
310 pp., Hardcover

ISBN 978-80-7467-034-3

Product code: KP 1047
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