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ELIŠKA ČABALOVÁ / Places & Books

This is an accompanying publication to the exhibition of the same name (Places and Books), which was held at Ostrava’s House of Art from 15 September to 31 October 2021. The exhibition (temporarily) and the book (permanently) presents the life and work of the Ostrava artist and teacher Eliška Čabalová. The concept and design of the book were developed in cooperation with Lenka Mičolová. In a beautiful, fresh and attractive way, the publication gives readers an insight into the personal and professional aspects of the author’s life. Her curriculum vitae is not presented merely as a stark list of facts; instead it takes the form of a deeply personal narrative which draws us close with its authenticity and sincerity.

The author’s elemental and romantic soul is manifested not only in her personal opinions, but also in the analytical approach that underlies the chapter entitled Questions about books and craft, in which she addresses a series of questions to leading Czech bibliophiles, theoreticians, artists and restorers. Through these questions, the author seeks to explore the essence and challenges of artists’ books – a form of art which finds it hard to deal with the accelerated flow of digital perception that characterizes our contemporary world. The book includes reproductions of works exhibited at Ostrava’s House of Art, as well as many more images. Most of the photographs presented in the book concern books created by Čabalová herself – works which confirm her standing as one of today’s leading book artists, not only in the Czech Republic but also on the international scene.

Publication concept: Eliška Čabalová, Lenka Mičolová
Graphic design: Lenka Mičolová
Photo editor: Lenka Mičolová
Texts: Petra Herotová, Eliška Čabalová, Iva Knobloch, Jiří Ptáček, J, H. Kocman, Zdeněk Křenek, Petr Choma, Vladimír Kraus, Erik Križovenský, Hana Karkanová, Pavel Muchka, Lubomír Krupka, Ivan Kopáčik, Jan Hybner, Ivo Binder, Ĺuboslav Paĺo, Olga Hrušková, Vlasta Tomanová
Editors: Eliška Čabalová, Marek Franz
Photographs: Petr Vaněk, Marie Pribulová, Tom Rydel, Dita Pepe, Fedor Gabčan, MArtin Daniš, Eliška Čabalová
Paper: GardaPat 11 150 g/m2
Cover: GardaPat 11 250 g/m2
Font: Suisse Int´l, Ogg
Print: TISKÁRNA GRAFICO s.r.o., Opava
Print run: 300 ks

Published by Fakulta umění, Ostravská univerzita, Ostrava 2021
ISBN 978-80-7599-214-7

Product code: K0277
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