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House of Art
TUES–SUN 10:00–18:00

Diploma Works 2018

22. 6. – 22. 7. 2018
The patrons of the exhibition is Lukáš Curylo, Deputy Governon of the Moravian-Silesian Region.

The exhibition “Diploma Works 2018” presents around thirty diploma works created by students at Ostrava University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. For most students, their diploma work – a work of art submitted by the student as part of the final examination – represents the culmination of their years of study. Five years of learning, creative efforts, and searching for their own artistic personality – all of this should be embodied in a work that will unlock the world of exhibiting for these talented young artists. The diploma work marks the point of transition from art student to emerging artist. Faced with the unlimited spectrum of possibilities and the weight of expectations, many students falter. They also have to leave behind the comfortable, nurturing environment of the university; now they can no longer fall back upon their ‘alma mater’ as a ready source of stimulus, inspiration, discussion and constructive advice. The regular routines of an art student’s life – coursework, studio work, university exhibitions – also dissolve. In the best cases, the diploma works exhibited here will not only embody the student’s formal learning in university courses, reflecting the ideas and tastes of their teachers; above all they will offer a fascinating insight into the transition from external to internal motivation, the students’ quest to develop into professional artists. Those of you with a keen eye for talent and potential may spot among the exhibited works the embryonic traces of the next emerging tendencies and directions in contemporary art.


Martin Fišr

Curator: Martin Fišr, František Kowolowski

Opening 21. 6. 5 pm, The House of Arts, Ostrava

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