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Czech architects and the beginnings of tourism on the Croatian Adriatic

16. 6. – 14. 8. 2016
The exhibition is organized by the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava and the Cabinet of Architecture.

At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, when Czech tourists began arriving to the Croatian Adriatic coast, tourism was given serious consideration as a new social phenomenon. Insight into the press and literature of the time clearly shows that tourism was discussed from various aspects, questioning the propaganda, technical infrastructure in settlements, investments, organizations responsible for tourism planning, statistical data, hotel industry (hygiene, technology, categorization, design, etc.).

In the research of the history of tourism, tourism architectural heritage still remains an insufficiently researched segment. It was for this reason that the Institute for Tourism, in cooperation with the State Archives in Rijeka, organized several exhibitions to shed some light on tourism architectural heritage of our coast.

Czech architects designed hotels, villas, and bathing resorts all over the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea (from Pula to Dubrovnik,) of which some were built, and some were not. By examining the catalogue it becomes evident that, from the beginnings of tourism, Czech architects significantly contributed to the development of tourism architecture.

Although this is an exhibition of tourism architectural heritage designed by Czech architects at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, it undoubtedly contributes to the promotion of tourism at the Croatian Adriatic coast, the understanding of tourism heritage and the awareness of hotel architecture, as well as clearly presents the role of Czech architects in the development of tourism architectural ideas, providing a wellspring of ideas for contemporary tourism architecture.

Tadeáš Goryczka a Jaroslav Němec

Curator: Tadeáš Goryczka a Jaroslav Němec

Belohlavek August Johan / Blecha Matěj / Dryák Josip (Josef) / Harrach Johann Nepomuk von / Hoffmann Josef / Holey Karl / Janeček Gustav / Jelinek Vilhelm / Kalda Leo / Kotěra Jan / Keller Fritz / Králiček Emil / Kraus Rudolf / Kupelwieser Paul / Lehrmann Karl / Loos Adolf / Pařík Karel (Paržik Karlo) / Prokop August / Prokop Josef / Schulz Josef / Seidl Karl / Stibral Jiří / Tichý Adolf / Zima Alois

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