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Contemporary Slovak Architecture 1989–2011 / MONIKA and LUBO STACHO

15. 6. – 14. 8. 2011
The exhibition is organized by GVUO and the Cabinet of Architecture.

The exhibition Contemporary Slovak Architecture 1989–2011 was prepared by photographer Ľubo Stacho together with his wife Monika. The exhibition represents one of the greatest architectural booms of Slovak architecture in the entire history and focuses mainly on the last decade of its development. The exhibition is traveling, it has already been presented in Slovakia and London.
The architecture is divided into three groups: villas and family houses, residential houses and public buildings and consists of 58 large-format color photographs depicting 43 buildings.
The exhibition also includes a digital presentation, which presents the works of 100 Slovak architects. Among others, performances from the older generation will be Štefan Svetko or Ivan Matušík, and from the youngest generation, for example, Benjamin Bradňanský, Vít Halada or Martina Renelt.
The aim of the exhibition is to present the author's selection of contemporary Slovak architecture, its level and recent results in Ľub Stach's authorial selection. It also offers space for public discussion.

Rasťo Udžan

Curators of the exhibition: Tadeáš Goryczka, Jaroslav Němec, Rasťo Udžan.

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