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Contemporary Danish Architecture

7. 3. – 27. 4. 2014
The exhibition is organized by GVUO and the Cabinet of Architecture within the ARCHIKULTURA 2014 festival.

Danish architecture has for many years been synonymous with a beautiful and innovative design. The Sydney Opera House by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon and the Grande Arche in Paris by Johan Otto von Spreckelsen are perhaps the most iconic examples of this. Yet Danish architecture is responsible for much more – an impressive array of internationally renowned projects by legendary architects such as Bjarke Ingels, Henning Larsen or Jan Gehl.

This exhibition not only shows some of the highlights of contemporary Danish architecture, it also gives a unique insight into the core values that Danish architecture embodies: a green, environmentally sustainable profile and an empathetic and democratic approach, in which good design and great architecture are not reserved for the elite but instead belong to the masses.

This exhibition is divided into five categories representing areas in which Danish architecture and design excel internationally: The health and learning category isrepresented by works such as Henning Larsen’s monumental “Umeå School of Architecture” in Umeå, Sweden and the highly sustainable “Akershus University Hospital”, designed by C. F. Møller Architects. Industrial and commercial architectureis represented by JUUL | FROST Architects’ “Media Evolution City”, among others. The culture category covers some spectacular works, such as 3XN architects‘ breath-taking national aquarium “The Blue Planet” in Copenhagen which is shaped as a great whirlpool. Urban development is showcased by the colourful on-going urban-development Bjarke Ingels Group’s project “Superkilen” that evolves according to the desires of the citizens and users in the area, Jan Gehl’s work on Times Square in New York, and others. Last but not least, CEBRA’s sculptural “Iceberg” housing complex in Aarhus represents the housing category.

The partners of the exhibition are The Danish Association of Architectural Firms, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Danish Design & Architecture Initiative.

Tadeáš Goryczka a Jaroslav Němec

Curators: Tadeáš Goryczka, Jaroslav Němec  

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